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Welcome to Payroll Midlands

We provide payroll services from start to finish including PAYE Registration, Salary Calculation, Additional Payment and Deductions, Shift Workers, Temporary Staff, Statutory Payments, Auto Enrolment, RTI Submissions, Employment Allowance, Small Employers Relief.

We value our clients and their time, that’s why we don’t just work 9-5. We are as flexible as you need us.

Having worked in reputable accountancies, Payroll Midlands has been running a host of different business types and sizes offering them support from setting PAYE schemes, processing payrolls, calculating and inputting data, CIS submissions, setting / dealing with pension schemes and providers.

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Why Choose Payroll Midlands?

Payroll Midlands Tim
Not Just a 9-5 Business

We don’t work just 9 -5. At Payroll Midlands, we understand flexibility is very important to you so we are as flexible as you need and deal with your enquiries as soon as possible, even weekends.

Payroll Midlands - Calendar
Punctuality is our priority

Like your own business, we strive to be as efficient and punctual to ensure that HMRC deadlines are met and all your staff are paid in a timely manner.

Payroll Midlands - Hidden Fees
No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees here at Payroll Midlands that a lot of other Payroll companies introduce. You will always be quoted the final price for our services before any work begins.

Payroll Midlands - Reduced Costs
Reduced Costs

The costs of processing payroll can be greatly reduced by working with Payroll Midlands. Research indicates that a business with 10 employees spends £1900 per year.

Payroll Midlands - Grow Your Business
Grow Your Business

Let Payroll Midlands free up your time and let us do the hard work while we process your payroll and deal with HMRC for you, allowing you to keep your attention in growing your business.

No Annual Fees - Payroll Midlands
No Annual Fees

Unlike other Payroll bureau’s, we do not charge a Payroll Maintenance cost or software fees that can often have you paying more than what you were expecting.

We ensure quality & support throughout. If you require a personal payroll service in the Staffordshire, West Midlands and Shropshire area – please get in touch.